Market Update

In a market where buyers can be tentative, the ability to get them to engage is a key issue. While the numbers attending open homes are on average down, buyers are attending our online open homes in droves. This is translating into a higher percentage of qualified buyers at our UP open homes – not so many tyre kickers. Our virtual walk-through tours allow buyers to walk through a home at the click of a mouse, at their own speed, stop and look around and revisit at will. They also have a ‘dolls house’ and floorplan view at their fingertips. Our statistics have shown these virtual tours to be 7-10 times more engaging than an ‘agent fronted’ video. Most searches today are conducted via a mobile phone, virtual tour technology has the ability to engage across ages, demographics and all price ranges, the consequence is that our buyer reach is increased exponentially. As other agencies are reporting lower sales numbers in this market, we are actually up. There is a range of reasons for this – without a doubt this outstanding technology is giving our homeowners/vendors a distinct advantage. The great news for our clients is that we are currently supplying this outstanding medium as part of our incredible ‘no-cost’ added value media package.

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